Prices start at $479.00 (includes installed stove jack with rain flap) and depend on fabric choices, additional options, and availability.

Contact us for a price list for available colors and camouflage patterns.


These 3 man tipis are in a class of
their own.

The peaks are reinforced for using natural limb center poles and there are loops inside for clothes drying.

1000 Cordura stakeout patches strengthen the fabric when rocks are needed to assist the stakes in rocky ground.

Very easy and quick setup!
Full Warranty!

 3 Man Ripstop Tipis

These are our absolute lightest weight/ no frills tipis! Perfect for 1 or 2 occupants (can sleep 3). Silnylon and ripstop versions with the stove jack come in at under 2 1/2 lbs. for complete tipi setup (with pole and stakes). Of course, custom options can be added upon request. However, for ultralight use we choose to keep these tipis as simple as possible. For the weight, you will not find a more comfortable shelter option.

When weight is not an issue, we offer our exclusive cordura and dyneema tipis.

These tipis are now available with a set of hiking/ trekking poles and a connector as a center pole option!


Height: 5.5 ft.
Diameter: 10 ft.
Weight: 19 oz. (in stuff sack, canopy only)



  • ACU digital camouflage, waterproof ripstop
  • 3 man tipi without the center pole. It is suspended from a rope tied between trees.
  • All tipis come with top loops and can be used as seen on the left.
  • Stove jacks need to be purchased separately  


This is our   ultralight silnylon 3 man tipi in woodlands camouflage



It weighs
19 oz.
and is very compact when stored in the stuff sack.