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26 ft. diameter Tipi with 3 doors

26 ft. diameter Tipi with 3 doors

Welcome to WyomingLostAndFound Tipis.


This shows the inside tension strap for the sidewall tipi. It keeps the sidewall from becoming over tensioned.

DSCF3481DSCF3451Above is a picture of the stakeout being held tight by using a rock and 550 chord instead of a tent stake.



One of Our Excellent Tipis

One of Our 200 denier Dyneema Tipis


As you look around our site keep in mind the three guiding principles for all equipment that you take in to the back country:

  • Simplicity
  • Reliability
  • Durability



You ran late leaving from work, you toss your gear in the car and head out.  You hit the trailhead at 4:00 p.m. and start hiking with your backpack.  Needing to make up time and miles you hike until well after dark.  A freezing rain starts to pelt you.  It’s crucial that you get your shelter setup as soon as possible.

From the bags to full tent and stove setup in 10 minutes ready to heat water for food and coffee, chocolate or Tea.



Think back to how many busted tent zippers, broken tent loops, broken poles and wet nights in tents you’ve owned over the years.  You NEED a shelter that just works when you need it to, time and time again.  Our tipis are reliable due to the simple design and quality materials and of workmanship in the construction of the tipis.



How many tents have you purchased in your lifetime.  If you buy the cheap tents you replace them every 2-3 years.  If you buy an expensive four season tent it will set you back $700-$2000.  Even with care it’s easy to destroy an expensive four season tent which really hurts.

92 and 138 bonded thread on all double stitched seams and panels, and stakeouts that have 6 passes through the 6 layer seams. The stake outs are full nylon and polypro webbing, not just chord or string. The topcones are stitched with 4 passes through all of the layered panels and are stronger than the tent fabric with double layered 1000 D. cordura construction and woven parachord top loops. seams that don’t need seam sealed due to the internal double stitched rolled seams. No water can build up on the panel seams. All zipper teeth are to the inside of the tent to eliminate ice, frost and snow jams. Cordura tipis are 100 % taped and triple stitched with 138 bonded thread. Our seams are strong enough to use as tow ropes. Stove jacks are sewn through the seams and tent fabric and are not part of the structural connection to the top cone which would minimize the strength of the tent.

All of our gear is designed to last you for a long time….

What are you waiting for?  Go check out our stuff!



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