“Industry standards”

The industry is constantly telling the consumer what is the best for them and therefore ,they write the rule book/ textbook on what is the “proper” execution or method/procedure for the best performance or longevity of a product…..

this is a very misleading and even deceiving practice because the big corporations or money companies in charge of the research, design and production of a product are also first and foremost, worried about their bottom line. money. Why sell you a product that will last 20 yrs. when they can sell you one that will last 5 and convince you that that is the expected life of a product when it should be 20 yrs? they want it to fail eventually so that you will have to replace it with another “new and improved for this year” version of the same rubbish….

an example of this is stitch length. industry standard is 10-15 stitches per inch. this creates 10-15 holes per inch in the fabric of the product thus creating a perforation or tear line. why not increase the thread diameter and decrease the stitch per inch to 8-10. this is what we do to minimize the number of holes per inch in our top quality fabrics.  the fewer holes per inch while maintaining seam integrity is ideal. instead of many holes creating a tear line, fewer holes will increase the strength of the seam. an added advantage of the 8-10 stitch per inch is increased water resistance. the fewer holes, the less amount of water dripping inside your tent.

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!!!!CUBEN FIBER!!!!!!

ask us about any custom tipi/ tent project in cuben…. we have colors and camo patterns!!!!

this is going to be fun!

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The next level…

we have done our homework. that is why the products we offer are above the quality and performance of the industry same ole same ole. theirs is where it is at due to mass production and marketing. ours is at the next level because the money gets spent in research and design rather than advertising and mass marketing. we innovate and create gear that exceeds the demands of even ourselves. the process will not stop and we will not rest knowing that there could be and definitely is a better solution to the issues and problems that exist with the existing products. our gear evolves even daily. if an idea or solution works, we get it into prototype and then production as quickly as possible. call me and ask what i have new up my sleeve. you might be pleasantly surprised…

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New Crusader tarp! 2015 proto now ready for purchase.

IMG_1361IMG_1372 IMG_1368

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550 cord inside the tent seams

The New Tipis for 2015 are also available with internal paracord reinforced seams…

The cord increases tension strength 3 times over the already very strong 6 layered seam.

ask about this and all of our other custom options.

Happy 2015 from Wyominglostandfound!

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New 2015 Prototypes!!!

The 2015 Prototypes are in development!  Really excited about the 8 sided convert Tarp!

call us for details on product testers and Reps. as well as Prostaff discounts…


Also in development is the multi use tipi support system…. very cool stuff


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New Hoodies ready for pre-order!!!!

unnamedHoodies in med., large and XL , XXL   49.95


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!!!!!2014 Christmas Specials!!!!!!

!!!! Christmas Special 2014!!!!

Through DEC. 15 th ,  2014

15% off all orders!!!!


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Fabric Specs.

Here is a breakdown of the different fabrics that we use… from lowest to highest price…

poly tarp-   10 mil. polyethylene Tarps in camo and silver

200 denier oxford cloth polyester in several colors

10 oz. sunforger canvas

ripstop nylon, water repellent in many colors 70 denier

urethane backed ripstop, 70 denier in several colors and camo prints… very strong

silnylon, 30 denier silicone soaked ripstop nylon… very strong for the light weight

500 denier Cordura ballistic nylon… very high strength and available in many colors and patterns

1000 denier Cordura… the strongest fabric we use but on the heavy side… many colors and patterns

Gridstop Dyneema… just as durable as 500 Cordura but less than half the weight. very high quality and strength

cuben fiber…. high tech and lightweight… but up there in price



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550 Chord top loops

My friend Robert builds the top loops for all of the tipis out of woven Parachord…

not only is it strong like bull… but it adds a little touch of class to an otherwise wonderful shelter…

any color under the sun is available…

with stove jack weight   20 ounces

with stove jack
weight 20 ounces


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